Makers & restorers of the world's most beautiful Billiard, Snooker & Pool tables. Hand-crafted in the UK.

Makers & restorers of the world's most beautiful Billiard, Snooker & Pool tables. Hand-crafted in the UK.

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Table Sizing guide

Choosing the best size pool table, snooker table or dual-purpose dining table is as important, if not more so, than any other design choice, and there are a number of questions to consider.

For many people, the first will be: what is the ‘standard’ size for the game they like to play. For example, we’re often asked: What size is a ‘standard’ pub Pool table? or, What is a ‘Full-size’ pool table, or a Full-size Snooker table? If you’re a serious player, then this might be the most important question, and it is discussed in more detail here

From an architectural or interior design perspective, however, a more important question might be: How much space you need, or have, around the table, for cueing?  This will depend on the size of cue you prefer, and how competitive you are, as much as the size and shape of your chosen room and what other furniture will be in there.

Aesthetic & ergonomic considerations are also important – there’s no point designing a beautiful pool or snooker table if there’s no room to stand back and enjoy it… or nowhere for your opponent to sit while you clear the table. If you’re looking for a Snooker or Pool dining table, the number of people you can seat may be as important as the size of the playing surface. So, opting for the biggest slate-size you can play around, or choosing a table just because it’s a ‘standard’ size, may not always the best choice.

We believe that the best table for you, will be the one that works best in your room. One size doesn’t fit all. Designing and making truly bespoke dining, snooker and pool tables means offering different sizes of slate, pocket, cushion surround or table-top, just as much as offering choices of leg design, material, finish and detail.

Room size = Cue size + Slate size

Ideally, we recommend a cueing area of 5ft (1.5m) all around the slate – that’s the playing surface between the cushions, not the outside of the table.  This allows a full length Snooker cue (58″ ~ 147cm) or Pool cue (57″ ~ 145cm) to be used for every shot – even when you’re opponent has you tucked up tight to the cushion!

Some people prefer a shorter cue, or are happy to use one for the odd shot where space is restricted. In most homes, the interior design  will also involve a compromise between the space available and the furniture desired. For this reason, and for ‘smaller’ table sizes (up to 8ft) we make a minimum room size recommendation of 4ft (1.2m) all around the slate. This is because length of the shortest ‘standard’ Pool cue is 48″ (1.2m). For tables with 9ft slates and larger, our suggestion is to allow at least 5ft, as in our opinion, it’s better to have more space around a slightly smaller table, than to be cramped on a big one. As always, however, the choice is yours!

We’ve provided a quick and easy guide to see what size table might best suit your room size. Just select the ‘Room size’ that is closest to the space you have available for cueing, and it will suggest the sizes of table you should consider. NB. Fixed-height means any Pool, Snooker or Billiard table design, while Rollover and Wind-up refer to our Dual-purpose dining tables. Once you’ve had a look, there is more information below, including discussions of slate size, table size, different games and other considerations we hope you might find useful.

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