Makers & restorers of the world's most beautiful Billiard, Snooker & Pool tables. Hand-crafted in the UK.

Makers & restorers of the world's most beautiful Billiard, Snooker & Pool tables. Hand-crafted in the UK.

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Design & Custom

Designers and makers of stunning bespoke pool tables, stylish dining tables and classic & contemporary snooker tables, we work closely with clients and Interior Designers to make unique and beautiful pieces of furniture, from the finest woods & metals.

Here are some of our more fabulous designs

Bespoke Pool tables, Snooker & dining tables – Chosen by design

The highly skilled craftsmen at our workshops in Marten, England pride themselves on a world-wide reputation for excellence in the design & creation of custom made Pool tables, Snooker tables, and dual-purpose Pool-dining & Snooker-dining tables. The truly bespoke nature of their work means we can offer a personal service to every client, promising the creation of unique and beautiful pieces, matched to your own, individual specifications.

All of our bespoke pool table designs can be made with different size playing slates. Whether your preference is for a 6ft or 7ft UK pool table or an 8ft or 9ft US pool table – the table design will tailored to fit. For WPA specification US pool, we can also inlay the diamond ‘sights’ in whatever material works best for your design. And, if it’s a Snooker or Russian pyramid table that you want, many designs can also be scaled to fit a full-size 12ft x 6ft slate.

Our UK 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 10ft tables are fitted with professional Snooker rubbers as standard, and can tailor the pocket-size and supply various sizes of Snooker and Pool balls to suit your choice of game and level of professionalism. For those that prefer French billiards or Carambol, we’ve even made tables with no pockets at all.

Many tables are dual-purpose – some simply rolling-over to transform a sleek dining table into a stylish snooker or pool table – others have precision engineered winding mechanisms to lower the table for dining, then raise again for playing.

The Rollover tables are made with 5ft, 6ft, 7ft and 8ft slates – ideal sizes for Pool-dining tables, though for some clients they also make great Snooker-dining tables. The ease of transformation, and absence of tops to store, means they are often chosen as an every-day dining table, that you get out to play Pool or Snooker on, then return to dining-mode afterwards.

Our Wind-up mechanism works just as well for a full-size Snooker-dining table, with a 12ft playing slate, as it does for a 7ft Pool dining table, and anything in-between. In both playing and dining mode, it is often impossible to tell that these tables hae a dual-purpose, making them an ideal choice for a special occasion dining room that doubles as games room or billiard room.

Truly bespoke means attention to detail

Beyond the principal choices of size and table design, the personalisation of your bespoke pool table, custom Snooker table or dual-purpose diner consists of numerous further choices of detail and finish.

Table edges and corners can be square or rounded, chamfered, bevelled, carved or simply softened with a light sanding block. Cushion rails or blocks, with net pockets or leather billiard bags, can be replaced by cushion surrounds to encase the pockets and add a contemporary aesthetic. Ball-returns can be added to many designs and our Ball-runner takes this idea to another level – making a design statement of its own. Inlaid metal or contrasting wood can add touch of class to an otherwise minimal design, or be one of many complementary details in more elaborate piece. Many clients have chosen to have book-matched veneers, such as burr-Walnut, rippled-Ash & birdseye maple, inalid in the dining table tops of their Rollover Snooker and Pool-dining tables. Some have even gone as far as to have personal crests or logos embossed, engraved and inlaid in the cushion cap, tabletop or frame.

And once the detailed table is designed and made, the range of finishing options is just as wide. Whether you prefer natural, stained or painted wood; beautiful veneers; lacquered or metallised finishes; traditional green West-of-England wool cloth or brightly coloured pool table cloth; we will be delighted to help you create the perfect table for your room, and to offer whatever matching accessories, joinery and lighting you desire to complement your chosen design.

The choice is yours…

To discuss any of the stunning pool, snooker and dual-purpose table designs above, your very own bespoke design, or to simply request more details, pricing information or our full colour pdf brochure, click below…

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